Sport at Ridge

We help our learners not only get better at the sport they practice, but we strive to teach them valuable lessons in sportsmanship and teamwork.

In More Detail

Ridge Junior Primary School offers a variety of sports for both boys and girls throughout the year with regular matches against other junior schools of Pietermaritzburg. We are proud of our little sportsmen and sportswomen and everything they achieve. A variety of sports are offered:

Boys’ sports

Cricket, Soccer, Athletics, Hockey, Rugby, Swimming, Cross Country

Girls sports

Tennis / Tennis, Soccer, Athletics, Hockey, Netball, Swimming, Cross Country

Swimming and Physical Education

Ridge firmly believes that all children should be “water safe” and that they must develop strong and healthy bodies. Our qualified swimming instructors and coaches work closely with our Sports Organizer and Physical Education teacher to teach sports and swimming to all our learners.

Extra mural

To provide a well-rounded sports program to our learners, Ridge also facilitates the following private extracurricular activities:
Ballet, Computer Club, Chess, Drama, Monkeynastix, Soccer Club, Piano Teaching