About Us

Our Vision

To provide quality education to, and make a positive difference in, the lives of the community we serve.

Ridge Junior Primary School is committed to developing a love for lifelong learning in a caring, nurturing, and supportive environment thereby empowering our learners holistically to become tomorrow’s leaders through a team of professional, dedicated, and caring staff.

– Principal Mr Raveen Mohanlall

Our Mission

To give our children a firm foundation for the future in a positive and committed environment where they, and their parents, are actively involved in their learning.

Our History

Ridge Junior Primary School was established in 1967 at 93 Ridge Road when the junior primary section of Pelham School could no longer be accommodated. Mrs M Schoeman, the founding principal, 4 teachers and support staff opened the doors to lively youngsters on the new premises.

Ridge has continued to serve the Scottsville and surrounding community, specializing in first phase education in English and Afrikaans medium, for 50 years, currently accommodating 748 children and 106 academic and support staff, offering excellent education and care to children from Grade RR to Grade 3.

Our motto “Semper Ad Optima” is lived each day as we continue to provide exciting learning opportunities for our children, ensuring that their days are filled with appropriate learning experiences for the future. We, along with their parents, celebrate the growth and achievements of our children, and aim to equip them with the skills required for the step into senior primary as independent, responsible and well-balanced pupils.

We are so proud to regularly see the names of past Ridge learners in leadership positions in high schools, and among top achievers.

Mr Raveen Mohanlall has been the Headmaster at Ridge Junior Primary school since 2019.


Ridge School Song

At Ridge a new day is dawning,

School lives have just begun

We feel the joy of living

As we stand in the light of the sun


Together we sing of gladness

We raise our small voices above

We share both joy and sadness

As we fill the world with love


Die maats leer saam en sing vrolik

Deur almal met deernis omhul

Streef na doe beste, ja waarlik

Die wereld met liefde te vul






Let us pray
Kom ons bid saam

English Prayer

Father we thank thee for the night
and for the pleasant morning light,
for rest and food and loving care,
and all that makes the day so fair.

Help us to do the things we should,
to be to others kind and good,
in all we do, in work and play
to grow more loving every day.

Afrikaans Gebed

Ons dank u liewe Vader
vir ‘n lekker nag se rus,
vir krag en gesondheid,
om ons werk te doen met lus.

Ons dank U vir ons skool,
en alles wat ons daarin leer,
O hulp ons Liewe Vader
om alles te waardeer.