Grade 1


Grade 1

Our Teachers

Mrs T. Pieterse (HOD)

Mrs E. Sliedrecht

Miss S. Gough

Mrs T. Cronje

Mrs N. Zungu

Mrs K. Tutt

Miss L. Livanos

Our Curriculum

The Ridge Junior Primary foundation phase follows the CAPS curriculum.

This includes exposing the learners to:

  • Home Language : English
  • First Additional Language : Afrikaans
  • Second Additional Language : isiZulu
  • Mathematics
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Life skills inclusive of :
    • Music
    • Media
    • Art
  • Physical education inclusive of :
    • Swimming
    • Hockey
    • Cricket
    • Soccer
    • Ball Skills (Girls)
    • Rugby (Boys)
    • Netball (Girls

Specialist Staff and Interns

Mrs S. Nkwanyana (isiZulu)

Mrs A. van Niekerk (Music)

Miss C. Price

Miss A. Maharaj

Mrs T. Stening-Smith (Media Centre)

Miss D. Martin

Miss T. Kitchen

Miss H. Coleman

Miss C. Price (Coding and Robotics)

Mrs M. Climpson (Language Support)

Mrs P. Moodley

Miss K. Herbert

Mrs J. Gibbons