Grade RR


Grade RR

Our Teachers

Mrs L. du Toit

Mrs E. Grobbelaar

Mrs L. Pearson

Miss L. Rossouw

Miss S. Moodley

Our Curriculum

Our pre-primary school follows the CAPS syllabus where the focus is on skills in Grade RR. Grade RR follows the Time2Read reading program.

Psychomotor forms part of the learner’s weekly program where learners are developed in a holistic way.

Psychomotor learning can be described as the development of organized patterns of muscular activities guided by signals from the environment.

During Psychomotor children are taught to solve problems in a non-aggressive manner.

Learners are given the opportunity to develop and progress from an egocentric to a decentralized state, from a sensory to a cognitive one.

All learners take part in a Life Orientation program including, swimming (in summer), drumming, drama, music and movement.

Free play consists of creative work, puzzles, blocks, fantasy, garden games, sandpit, trampoline, mini soccer, climbing frames, bicycle course and sensory skills.

Teachers Assistants and Interns

Ms N. Azare-Juma

Ms P. Mveme

Miss A. du Preez

Ms Z. Essa

Miss M. Uys

Ms P. Mvubu

Miss K. Lourens

Miss K. Johnson

Miss J. le Roux

Miss C. Totaram

Miss A. Brown